How to compile and run HaikuDepot?

I am new to Haiku OS development and I want to contribute to it in GSOC 2019. I want to work on modular edit text. The idea is as follows:

The current solution for text editing in Haiku is the BTextView. It is a rather simple view providing basic text editing features and limited styling. This is, however, not powerful enough for most serious uses. The goal of this project is to design a complete replacement for BTexView, which should be designed to cover more use cases.

The existing work done is in Haiku Depot as mentioned below:

β€œThe HaikuDepot application includes preliminary work on a rich text view, which it uses to provide the description of packages. This could be used as a starting point for this work.”

So to get started I want to know how to compile and run HaikuDepot and see how rich text view is implemented in HaikuDepot.

For this you need to download haiku source tree, see After that run ./configure and jam -j2q HaikuDepot.

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