How to add Miranda to Haiku?

I am very new to Haiku.

I have downloaded sources of functional programming language “Miranda” and modified it to use under Haiku.

I am solving Project Euler problems with Miranda.

Now I have questions:
(#1) How can I add executable (“mira”) to binary folder ("/bin"?).
(#2) How can I add libraries (“miralib”) to library folder ("/lib"?).
(#3) How can I generate menu entry and icon to applications?
(#4) Is anyone interested in using Miranda, too?

Cheers from Hamburg/Germany,

You can easily create a package for your own usage.
Or since Miranda has a BSD license, and so can be redistributed, you can create a recipe at Haikuports and everyone will then be able to install it. It’s more complicated but guys there are usually happy to help. You can also get some help on Haiku’s IRC channel.

If you want to package it you can look at this: A Gentle Introduction to HaikuPorter #1 · haikuports/haikuports Wiki · GitHub

If you don’t want to you can simply place your files in ~/config/non-packaged/bin and ~/config/non-packaged/lib respectively

The menu entry is adding a symlink in the right location. ~/config/settings/deskbar/menu/ (and there probably in the Applications folder)

For icons you need to add it as a ressource to the binary in a hvif format, you probably need to make a new icon in the Icon-O-Matic editor for this
On dealing with ressources: Compile them resources | Haiku Project

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You can also create a package with hpkg creator from BeSly and host self the package.

Look at for hpkg creator.

Regards lorglas

Thank you very much for your answers and very useful hints.
Meanwhile, I have installed the Koder text editor, because I want Miranda syntax highlighting…

To test you binaries, you can copy or link them to one of the non-packaged folders under bin

Grüße zurück aus Hamburg