How MediaKit interprets music with album art

Hello all!

Nearly all of my music files have album art, but when I opened them in MediaPlayer, the progress bar does not move and sends me back to the beginning when I tried to seek it.

Weird, right?

It turns out that ffmpeg thinks of the thumbnail as a 90000fps video encoded with an image format, which is probably confusing the media kit…

The following is the output from a small program I wrote to dump some track info via the media kit. The files I fed it are a music file without album art, a music file with album art, and a video file respectively.


Identifying the codec might allow us to make sure album art gets displayed correctly in the future.

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There is already a bug report about this. And yes, your analysis is correct, but it’s a bit more complicated. Media kit itself seems to be fine, but Media Player tries to synchronize audio and video replay and for this it needs a valid fps for the video. And it cannot compute one from a single frame, since it bases things on the time difference between two frames.

For future reference: the Haiku devs actually worked on this:

There’s a patch that apparently works too, but it hasn’t been merged yet.

It’s unclear if the patch completely works. If anyone can help with testing it (on as many files as possible), that would be great.