How Haiku does on 64-bit

This is a summary of testing Haiku on a HP G72-b43WM 64-bit notebook for fun:

Haiku cannot run the GUI Network settings pane because it crashes (uh-oh!) but it did recognize the screen (much more than I can say for Solaris, and Linux distros that were made for 32-bit.) Plus, the notebookā€™s keyboard and mouse worked right out of the box! I might add booting was a little slower by about a minute, but everything worked! :wink:

So, if you were to ask me how Haiku did on 64-bit as an i386 version as a nightly, it did really well! I donā€™t really think Haiku needs an architecture port!

Yes, as X64 is a superset of X86 and can work in X86 compatibility mode if the OS is 32 Bit as Haiku is, so no surprise that works :slight_smile:

X64 has some vantages indeed on X86 (> 4 Gb of RAM addressable without tricks, more registers, 128 Bits integersā€¦) so port will be necessary, but not so urgently in my opinionā€¦ more interesting to see Haiku run on PowerPC (which only real interesting system is PS3) or ARM CPU.

x64 means also ā€œquiteā€ speed improvementsā€¦

BTW the most interesting thing is to see mutch more applications (expecially mutimedia ones), IMHO.