How do I continue to update the system when drop line on update?

For help, I am in China, when using Pkgman Update or Pkgman full-sync update the system, often drop line, usually cannot be updated,Is there a way to continue updating without downloading downloaded HPKG packages?

Sorry, my English is poor.

The hpkg files are the updates of the program files, so you need to install them. The hpkg files included informations about dependencies, they also be installed as hpkg files.

I do not know if pkgman (over the terminal) have a option to spare out a named package.

actually i am not shure if pkgman supports resume (up to now i only have seen that it stared from 0 again)

But there is a “hard” way around… you can download the hpkgs buy hand with wget which supports resume.

Unfortunately not, pkgman does not know how to resume downloads or even remember that it succesfully downloaded some files already. It will start over everytime you run it.

I would suggest filling an enhancement request at htts:// , if there isn’t one already. You are not the first to run into such problems.

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hi everyone , I’m not a developer,and my English is poor,Who can help me filling an enhancement request at ,thinks

Well, I guess we could add support to resume via CURLOPT_RESUME_FROM_LARGE in src/kits/package/FetchFileJob.cpp…

Currently, the target file, if existing, is always erased first.


Luckily there are one already created: :slight_smile:

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Speaking of package management and downloading, why does Haiku use curl instead of the services kit inside the package kit? is also built as a host build platform library for cross compiling and bootstrapping. There is no services kit in such cases.

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Does that variant of the package kit actually include the download functionality?

I think at the time, the services kit was just not ready yet, which is why curl was used. Worth looking in to.

Dunno, curl is just avoided on bootstrap builds.

I guess indeed ServiceKit was not ready yet, and in boostrap mode packages are not downloaded at all.

The package kit is also used on the host when building (non-bootstrap), or at least that’s how it was initially designed.
There should be no problem porting the services kit to run there, anyways, but is it worth the effort now?