How are synaptic touchpads. . .?

Hello people of haiku, you’ve attracted another newbie~
Sorry of this is a question that’s been asked before. . . I can’t really find any info on my own after searching for a while. . . Anyway, my shiny new netbook (lenovo ideapad s200) seems fairly compatible with haiku. . . tried it in live cd mode, it detected the wifi networks, it read and mounted the card in the card slot (though it didn’t the 2nd time I tried, so maybe not. . . XD). I’m gonna do further testing, but it’s kinda hard to accomplish that if the touchpad doesn’t work properly :frowning:
Vertical and horizontal scrolling work fine. I can click and double click by tapping, but it doesn’t recognize the left and right click :frowning: That’s really the only thing getting in the way of a full hard drive install
In another thread I found it was mentioned that the area that recognizes the click is small needs precision, but I couldn’t find it. So either it’s not there or the spot has the circumference of a needle XD
Help? School starts in a week, I’d like to get it up and running by then hopefully~

This ticket might be related to your problem:
If you haven’t tried it already try a nightly image

I have a lenovo s10-3S - the synaptic touch pad has no physical left and right buttons for clicking but a defined space to press for each click e.g. a dot on the pad. Within Haiku it operates okay but to right click on objects you have to press the bottom right hand corner rather than where the dot is placed for other operating systems.

Hope this is of some help, or made sense.