How about an Integrated theme manager!

:idea: How about considering an integrated theme manager in the prefences…

All the settings related to the appearance can be brought under this.

  • A theme manager.
  • Decor styles,
  • Color settings,
  • Menu styles and Fonts,
  • Scrollbar style,
  • And a section for customizing the icons for filetypes,folders and others.

The theme manager should be able to

  • Create a new theme from the current display settings.
  • Open,Edit and Save themes (as a single theme file would be nice). so that it can be shared.

It would be really simple,easy and fun to play with if all these settings are brought under a single preferences section.

Haiku R1 will be distributed with the “New for Haiku” Preference App called Apperance.

This application is being written by none other than the App King himself - Darkwyrm.

I believe that is indeed the goal of this app.