Hotkeys to launch Terminal, Tracker?

Hi, I’m trying to automate a Haiku install in VirtualBox, but I can’t find a keyboard scancode combination to navigate to the Terminal, as the desktop does not have mouse focus by default. So I can’t select the “Haiku” folder to get to Tracker and then navigate system->apps>Terminal. Is there another way to get to the Terminal by keyboard keys alone? Maybe a hotkey to launch the Terminal, or a hotkey to launch Tracker, or a hotkey to have the desktop gain focus?

Is there one, you can found it in the haiku guides?

Will a keyboard shortcut do for at least getting the Terminal to launch by some hotkey combination?

As far as I can tell, there are no default shortcuts for this. The shortcuts control panel is helpful with this. Creating a shortcut to launch the terminal is easy. I had more trouble trying to launch Tracker. I wound up writing my own program that opens a new tracker window. Then I could set a keyboard shortcut to launch that program. It more or less works like Windows Key + E does on Windows.

But this solution will not work if you are trying to automate the entire install process, because those settings won’t be set yet.

At what point exactly in the install process are you trying to get to the terminal?
You don’t need to select “Haiku” to get to the terminal. As long as the desktop has focus you can do it.
If you are at the very, very beginning (the language select screen) you should be able to press Enter which will take you to the desktop. Then Opt Alt T to open a terminal.

Win + Left Alt + T

Thats Command-Option-T :wink:
BeOS had similar shortcut, possibly with Left-Shift (cannot remember). Though these days most cheap keboards cannot detect more than 4 similtaneous keypresses due to cheap wiring in scanning matrix (a classic case where older tech functions better).

You can’t normally “launch” Tracker because igt is always running. You might be able to bring one of its windows to the front with a hey command. Write that command to a shell script and tie a key to that script.

Supposedly “hey Trakcer execute Folder to /boot/home” (from “hey Tracker getsuites”), but that seems broken somehow.

Try this:
hey Tracker load “file(/boot/home)”

Works as of hrev51795.