Home Theater Personal Computer with Haiku


We need HTPC functionality. This should be in R1 Alpha 2 or R2 for sure. Something like up to 4 gig of ram and 1 T-byte of HDD storage for this platform: http://www.logicsupply.com/products/ipx7a_ion330

Can you help?

It would probably already run on that motherboard just fine considering reports of success on similar platforms.

However, there is more pressing issues to sort out for R1 and R2. Haiku simply needs maturing and more features such as better USB performance and the IM Kit finished. Multimedia is something that Haiku intends to be the best at given our BeOS heritage but it is still early days.
By all means if you want to fix multimedia related bugs and work on XVMC support in Gallium3D then Haiku could be used as an excellent HTPC.