Ho are supported Intel graphics?

Today my pc have intel integrated graphics (Intel Extreme 2 - G41 (x4500))

mainboard Gigabyte G41-MT-D3

i have problem…

with listimage | grep accel i get intel.accelerant loaded but resolution is set to VESA. graphics not works, i can not switch to another non VESA resolution

i want make new computer next week with H61MA-D3V with Sandy Bridge cpu graphics

how suported is intel extreme x4500
and how supported is Sandy Bridge…

maybe i have more lucky with sandy bridge working than x4500

Did you check intel_extreme component in Trac? https://dev.haiku-os.org/query?status=assigned&status=in-progress&status=new&status=reopened&component=Drivers%2FGraphics%2Fintel_extreme

If your issue in not on the list it would be better to create a ticket and attach your syslog.

ok, ticket created, maybe somebody have interest to look to problem of this intel graphics…

i must say that i long time use Radeon but now i want switch to new computer, i sell radeon and now for some time on old computer with this intel.

sandy bridge gpu should be supported if the mesa port is using mesa 8.0 as base. Honestly i would advice you to get an Ivy bridge instead (mesa 8.0 has support for it with partial OpenGL 3.0).