Hitting a moving target

DioGen wrote:

With some serious love, care and attention Haiku can end up successful as the main open source Desktop OS you would wanna use, especially on older or less powerful computers. Smaller, quieter HaikuBox, that can handle all kinds of multimedia tasks is the future.

That was certainly the thought I had in mind when I first tried installing Haiku and joined this forum. I would love to see a fully open source Haiku replacing Android as the default OS for “Smart TVs” and the sort of media servers people tend to make out of Raspberry Pi. Of course, the first step towards this would be to make it an “open source Desktop OS”, which means replacing any proprietary bits with open source code, as discussed in the thread on ‘making Haiku free software’.

I’m out of the loop lately, so can You remind me please, where thoose “proprietary bits” are?

And the point in adding that comment to a thread no one has posted message to for the last 5 years is?
Can you please keep that discussion in the dedicated topic?