Hi. Suported my HW

Hi. i am long time fan of Haiku and BeOS. My first experiance with BeOS was in 2000year when i run BeOS Personal Edition from MSDOS partition. Its very interest feel. Now i have one computer with dual core intel pentium with 9800GT nvidia card and i have a second PowerMac G4 400Mhz. I want test Haiku but CD ISO images are not released yet. I want know that my two PCs are compatible or will be compatible with Haiku. I test Zeta x86 on my intel and its run. and how will be suported power arch in Haiku i dont now…

Hi, you can download a pre-built image at Haiku-files.org. The raw images can be directly written to a usb stick and then booted. Here’s some instructions for Installing on a USB Flash Drive. There’s a few other installation methods, but using a USB stick tends to be the easiest, especially on newer hardware.

Your intel computer would probably be supported although 3D graphics acceleration doesn’t work yet afaik for your nvidia card (someone was porting gallium3d though… so it should come eventually it could be a long wait though)

sound and network support works on most computers I have tried (with the exception of wifi which is also being worked on)

Although there is a port of haiku to PPC for your Mac I think it is still a work in progress