Hi here a noob

hello all

after selling and changing from linux 32 /64, amiga os 3.1, win 64, amiga os 4.x , morphos 3.1 ppc and icaros
i finally tries this last version of haiku and what a surprise seeing no more 100% cpu and then going to discover more
from this huge system and you all ! :)))) by the way is ot possible to install it on an aspire netbook and get wifi
with atheros chipset ? i will give it a try and see then :slight_smile: regards to all of you and thanx a lot dev people for this
cool alternativ way !


Welcome to the world of usable computing!

It sounds as if you have a strong chance of WiFi being supported. I am using an old Acer netbook to type this which has an internal Atheros wireless card and it works flawlessly. With WPA too.

One “bug” I did notice: if wireless does not work for you, try opening up a terminal window and typing: ifconfig up /dev/net/atheroswifi/0 and pressing return.
I hope this step won’t be necessary, if it is rest assured that this is one of the few times you will be forced into CLI land, and that it will be fixed before the final release ^^

I don’t really want to talk about what I had to do to make it work in Linux. I’ve still got scar tissue from that little "episode"
In fact most times I stray outside the world of Haiku, I return bleeding, with broken hardware and sometimes broken limbs. It’s tough dealing with today’s software.

Are/were you a long-time Amiga user?

Using an Aspire right now. It does not have Atheros wireless, but my Toshiba NB305 which did have an Atheros card worked fine, and installing the Atheros wireless card to a Compaq enabled it to work too.

hello hello

thanx a lot

yes i’m an old amiga user, i know in perso mmu man who is a delicious person :slight_smile:
then i own an old 1230, an icaros desktop and soon morphos 3.1
too linux 32 and 64 as opensuse and debian and win64 to work

i will test haiku on aspire this night


hello earl !

thanx a lot

regards to you too :)))