HELP! - WebPositive broken!

Hey, so I accidentally broke WebPositive…
error message:

Could not open “WebPositive” (Missing

How can I remove webpositive from InstalledPackages and then reinstall from InstallOptionalPackages?


installoptionalpackage webpositive
... no packages need to be installed.

If you wish to re-install a package, run these two commands
    rm /boot/common/data/optional-packages/OptionalPackageNames
    open /boot/common/data/optional-packages/InstalledPackages
and delete the line containing the package name(s).

The issue seems to be a broken/missing openssl. Unfortunately at the moment, IOP does not support installing OpenSSL (portions of build/jam/BuildFeatures need to be rewritten so that IOP can parse it).

I found ssl in Haikuware, downloaded the files I needed and placed them in their respective locations! It’s working again! Thanks anyways!