Help requested to upload a package to HaikuPorts (Medo video editor)

@Begasus, @extrowerk

I have just tagged it this morning R1.0.0-Beta1-2

There is a time zone difference in the world, most of these posts happened during my nap time :slight_smile:

I fixed the .PackageInfo version (part of the tag)

Regarding the $dataDir/Medo/Languages/, I understand the benefit to users with this approach, but it does cause a minor inconvenience to developers since the entire project isn’t self contained in a master directory from which one can build from, manage git, download and test/execute. I do handle 2 paths for file lookup (the /system/apps path and the user ~/config/settings path), I guess a 3rd is not out of the question. I’m just old school when it comes to not dumping data all over the users hard disk and prefer to keep things neatly contained, but will accept what the expected norms and user expectations are.

Thank you all for your help. Lets see if the freshly added tag helps with the recipe the wonderful community has helped create. Next weeked I’ll try to build the 32 bit version as well (if I can access my friends PC, another quarantine here in Melbourne, so no socialising).

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Nice to see that this application is going strong!

@Zenja I have sent a private message in early January with Portuguese translation. Not sure if you were able to read it and if it was all ok…?

Hi Victor. I haven’t forgotten to include it (I also have Ukraine translation), I have been insanely busy during the last couple of weeks and I just haven’t got around to it yet. I’ll try to get around to it this Weekend. It should be OK, and with the new system will be much easier to integrate. I’ll let you know when it’s done. Thanks again.


OK, with some small changes to @extrowerk’s PR to set the tagged release I’ve been able to build it on 32-bit
One thing I needed to change is in the jamfile:
C++FLAGS += -I/boot/system/develop/headers/freetype2 ;
C++FLAGS += -I/boot/system/develop/headers/x86freetype2 ;
Is there a way to let it look for freetype’s pkg-config file so this hardcoded path wouldn’t be needed? (not familiar with jam) :slight_smile:

Just pass both path.
Not nice, but should work, the compiler ignores non existing include paths.

It’s an option, but since 32-bit isn’t really supported (crashed a few times here) maybe a “PATCH()” and “sed” could be added?
Best option still would be to have some check with pkg-config imho … (not sure on how other libraries are detected)?

Thanks for the tag @Zenja! As for the layout, having a quick look at the package created, maybe it would be nice to have most of the data installed to $dataDir, locales to $dataDir/locales, add-ons to $addOns
Didn’t look into the source on how it’s handled, but could be an option :slight_smile:
Having the “app” only in $appsDir gives the advantage also to start it from Terminal

IMO, native apps should keep all their data under $appsDir; the other directories are only useful if the data is shared between packages for some reason.


Package build fine on buildbot, should be available through HaikuDepot/pkgman now for x86_64


Medo has been bumped to beta3, thank @Zenja!

obsoleting package medo-1.0.0~beta1.2-2-x86_64.hpkg: newer version 1.0.0~beta1.3-1 available

Image from github @Zenja