Help me please port this application

so im trying to learn how to port applications to this plathform
so there’s this game called classicube i want to port but i don’t know how
the game crosscompilable so it can be exported as a windows/linux/freebsd/netbsd/macos/solaris app
so how do i port it
if you want to look at the source code here it is:

To set a zip file as link is not a good idea. please add the link to the website, if one have interest he will find the zip file by himself.

Hi there… nice idea sure someone with more knowledge will help you here…
Lelldorin is right here. Better not post a direct download link! Thank you.
Here is the link for information:

Good luck porting…

The Haikuports wiki should be a good start.

There’s instruction for building on Haiku, did you try that?

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There are two type of minecraft games available in haiku Depot.