[help -haikudepot] ..how to close preview window

when open preview of application of haikudepot… sometime if preview picture is big (bigger than your screen) reader dont see close button… and cannot close it.
close combination (alt+f4) not close it… and finally send acpi shutdown…shutdown vm

anyone know to close this window?

In Haiku closing a window is alt+W


thanks @brunobastardi, its work! :+1:

I’d say that’s a missing feature: HaikuDepot has to take care the close button of the screenshot window isn’t outside the screen.
I’d also say the uploaded screenshot (for Arora is it?) is too big. People providing screenshots should make sure to resize the app to be as small as possible while still aesthetically pleasing. I’ll replace it.
If anyone finds more larger-than-necessary shots, please let me know. Best with an already perfect shot uploaded somewhere so I don’t have to install the apps first…

BTW: There’s always CTRL+ALT+left-mouse-click'n'drag to move a window’s widgets back into the screen area.

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thanks @humdinger … one more trick learn :slight_smile:

Correction: I don’t because Arora doesn’t run because of a missing qt4 library.

I fixed the underlying bug (CenterOnScreen can hide the window bar) in hrev52674, so this shouldn’t happen again. :slight_smile:


…wow… great… thank you @waddlesplash

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