Help configuring Mail for IMAP

I installed Haiku on a Panasonic CF-29 a couple days ago. It is working very nicely with a few bumps I am working through. This WebPositive is just great and the addition of working wifi with a fairly straight forward setup makes for a very nice system.

I was always very fond of eMail handling in Be and was delighted to find the same eMail application I had used. The last I had used it was probably 3-4 years ago and at that point all my accounts were pop accounts. Currently they are all IMAP accounts and I am confused about setting up folders in Mail. I have not been able to locate any documentation covering this and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

Thank you


I would tell you to install and use Beam. :slight_smile:

Beam is supposed to be more powerful for email.

I did not see it available with installoptionalpackage. Maybe they forgot to include it with that installer script?

I have not done IMAP on Haiku so can’t help you there.

You can get BEAM here:

I’ve always been partial to using BeMail for reading and sending e-mail because of its simplicity. I tried IMAP support months ago using the E-mail preferences app with my GMail account and was impressed how the team have made it about as simple as absolutely possible to set up e-mail. Start the e-mail preferences app and fill in the form.

Setting up separate folders for each account is pretty easy – go to /boot/home/mail and create a folder for each account. You can set the inbox for each mail account when you fill in the form for setting up the account. It’s not necessary to fill in port numbers or anything – there’s not really much else to it. If you have questions or trouble, you can private message or e-mail me and I’ll walk you through it. :slight_smile:

I decided to take a look and darkwyrm is right. Seems easy to do IMAP in Mail application.

Start Mail program. Go to Edit->Accounts. Press Add button. Choose send, receive or both. Change from pop3 to imap. Fill in the rest of the information and you’re done.

Thanks for the help. I am getting it under control. The account setup is pretty straight forward. My problem came in setting up the folders, Which I am getting under control.

BeMail for me was a very defining characteristic of Be. Off all the OSes I have used only Be and Newton viewed email in the same simple and straight forward manner. And of course it is just great to see that continuing in Haiku. I look forward to boning up on my Query skills and getting email presented just the way I want it.

Thanks again and have a nice evening.