Help!: Build Failure on Mac OS X

I was building Haiku on Mac OS X. It was going fine, but after downloading some files, I got this:
…then this:
…failed updating 1837 target(s)…
…skipped 3631 target(s)…
…updated 6400 target(s)…

I think Haiku isn’t building with clang right now.

What’s the problem with clang?

I think this problem is fixed with this commit:
Can someone retest?

The buildtools used to build Haiku now build with the default clang compiler on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks as of hrev46564. Also, building with gcc 4.2 does NOT work on 10.9, but does on 10.8 apparently due to a difference in how exceptions are handled.

You could probably build gcc yourself on 10.9 to build Haiku with if you know what you’re doing, otherwise, I’d suggest updating your Haiku tree and building using clang.