Help a former Be employee recover some source code

i have not installed fuchsia, but i am adjacent to it: my full-time job these days is writing Flutter code. and again, i think fuchsia is an interesting project! it is not out of the question that google may someday use it to replace android. if and when that happens, i may well become a fuchsia developer by default.


Yeah, that’s me, now pleased to not have any need to work on computers but still a little interested in languages. Dart, even - I mean, can’t say I recall ever hearing of it before, but it looks interesting at first glance. Obviously more productive than C++, could hardly be less robust. The awkward thing about Haiku and C++ is that we have practically two different languages here - early C++ from BeOS, and modern C++ hovering overhead.

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Any news here?

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@allen_brunson did you make any progress with recovering the old source codes?
There’s currently no working graphical Usenet Newsreader available for Haiku,only a CLI application that isn’t much fun to use.
I’m very interesting in bringing a old newsreader back to life.
Initially I looked at NewsBe,for which the source code is already available,but Pineapple News seems to have many more features and a better user interface.
It would be helpful for me to know if there’s still a chance to recover the Pineapple News source code,or if it’s gone and I have to go with NewsBe instead.


Guys any progress with this?

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Hey @Nipos - have you gotten anywhere with the news reader? I’d be keen to get a copy if you have a 64 bit version working. Also - really off topic - noticed you are involved with the Haiku/Be bbs thingy. Have you ever gotten ANSI-capable telnet/ssh terminal software like syncterm working for haiku 64? I followed a path down an internety archive rabbit hole to find the Haiku syncterm executable from about 2016 - but I suspect it is 32 bit as it would not run - will have to dig up my 32 bit haiku lappy and test.

No,I did not make any progress here,unfortunately.
Last time I did Haiku stuff,I was near finishing my other project,but currently I’m totally busy with web development again as I have some new projects that I do together with a friend.
And yes,I’m a user of the Haiku BBS thingy,but I use it with Haikus default Terminal application.
That works quite good for me,even ASCII art is shown mostly correct,if you mean that.
Alternatively there’s also KDE Konsole available in the HaikuDepot which works fine with the BBS as well.

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Hey there - thanks for the response - wow - BBS screens are showing up much better in the current terminal build - it has been some time since I tried and I had made the incorrect assumption that things would still look the same (as I should not have, as I did note the comment re ANSI improvements.). OKJ - happy with that for now. Best of luck with your projects - and let us know if you ever get a news reader firing :slight_smile:

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There are USB to SCSI adapters on ebay, you’d have to get a cable or adapter to adapt to 50pin though… not a huge deal. Would take about $200 worth of parts to do it but USB really is the easiest way to do it on a modern machine.

The USB to SCSI adapters are plentiful on ebay for around $160 most of them should work fine…