Hello Haiku Community

Hello at all dear Haiku Community,

straight may leave, I’ve used BeOS R5 on the old Pentium II pc. This was a great system, and I felt in a great new inovativ behavour.
Now I’ve used Haiku R1 Alpha1 and I loved to use the Keymap Config with the picture of my keyboard, there and today.
The functions with the “^” and “ê” and “^^” is on miles better than on Windows or Linux, in my experiences. “^^” with two clicks and “ê” with two clicks is great. I like to see the cool new iconset.

But Alpha 1 wasn’t a alpha to me its a great relativley stable os with great multimedia functions. It was a longly awayted release for me to see what cooks for me and I saw there’s a great new operating system born. My hopes in Alpha 1 are more than reached because for an alpha release its far away from stability- and usability-issues.

I’m waiting for your final Release a long time ago. I’m not a hacker, but I’m interrested in to help you to make your project to our project. Usualy I try to translate text to # german …

Your Finestend Bugwelle

Hi, have you signed up to a translation mailing list to help out?

You can find the German list here: http://www.freelists.org/archive/haiku-i18n-de

If you want an overview check out http://userguide.haikuzone.net/

Thank you for your help.