Hello from Haiku (USB boot)

Hello for everybody! Sorry for my english…

Today I made an USB bootable Haiku disk in Debian Linux.

  • dd bs=1024 if=haiku.image of=/dev/sda
  • sudo sync
It works correctly. I downloaded the latest Vision, Firefox, VLC, and all of them working like a charm :) Now I visited some webpages in Firefox, chatting in Vision (with bitlbee I can talk with my msn contacts too), and I can hear online shoutcast radio with VLC.

Activity monitor:
CPU load: 13% (AMD Athlon XP 2200+)
Used memory: 220Mb (all: 1024Mb)
Cached memory : 109Mb
Download: 20-30kb/s
Uptime: 1h28m

There are no crashes, no glitches, everything is just working. Thank You for the Developer Masters.

There are some screenshots:
I hope You like it. :slight_smile:

miqlas-Haiku-USB :smiley: