Hda sound and scheduling

Hi all,

This is my first post back in the Be/Haiku world for many years! I used to be heavily involved a few years back, and have several apps out there.

Anyway, posting this from my eee 701 running 30871 gcc4, and I must say - impressive! I’m hooked again. I now dual boot haiku :slight_smile:

Now to the post. I’ve seen a few of the posts about hda/oss sound. The eee loaded the hda drivers, and sound works fine - until you get to high load, then it just stops. Most notably, looking at pages in BeZilla caused severe corruption to the sound. After playing around a bit, I decreased the priority of the main BeZilla thread right down to 1 (lowest active priority), and suddenly all problems are fixed. Couldn’t find anyone else saying this, so I thought I’d put it here in case it helps. Web browsing still is quite snappy too. I haven’t looked at the code yet, so I am just guessing - but it does seem like a scheduling problem (either wrong priorities, or scheduling algorithm).