Having trouble installing on Dell D630

I’m trying to get Haiku working on my Dell D630. I got it installed, but I’m having trouble getting the network working. I could see my wifi router, but when I entered my password the windows would disappear but kept popping back up. I ran install-wifi-firmwares.sh like it said here, and my wifi disappeared from the list. I tried to us the download script on my Windows machine, but it found no drivers. According to the empty folders that the script created, I need the broadcom43xx and marvell88w8335 drivers.

How do I proceed from here? I want have Haiku running on bare metal instead of virtualizing.

If you could see your wifi network at least once, you do not need any firmwares. You may try to use “ifconfig -ht” to disable 802.11n which is known to have problems with some of our drivers.