"has encountered an error" handling

Once in a while I undertake to build the latest version of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler, ghc. It has to build itself (it’s the damnedest thing to port), and in the process it suffers quite a few accidental deaths. This results in a dialogue window:
The application:
/boot/home/src/…/inplace/lib/bin/ghc-stage1 …
has encountered an error which prevents it from continuing.
Haiku will terminate the application and clean up.

One of these days I may want to do this in the background, instead of lingering over it for hours waiting to press the mouse button over so I can restart the build. Any idea how to reconfigure the error handling so there’s no user interface?

You can do that by creating the following folder
mkdir -p ~/config/settings/system/debug_server
and then
lpe ~/config/settings/system/debug_server/settings file with this content:

executable_actions {
    ghc-stage1 kill