Hardware Support on a Dell Latitude D620?

I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the correct forum or not, so feel free to move it or moderate the living tar out of it.

I have purchased (but not yet received) an old, used, Dell Latitude D620. Mine will be a Core Duo, T2400, Intel graphics.

Does anyone have one of these and know if it boots Haiku? How about hardware support? WiFi, network card, power management, etc.

This is going to become my primary development box at home. Translation: Ubuntu (for work) & Haiku (for pleasure).

Words cannot express how much I have missed this community over the past year. Thanks to Apple being a bunch of blow-hards and not releasing a new JDK for PPC, I’ve been able to make a business case to buy an inexpensive used x86 laptop to the wife. How lucky for me!


Haiku tends to boot on many older and even newer systems with almost no issues or minor ones. I believe this laptop uses SATA. It should have either or both AHCI & Legacy modes otherwise SATA will not work and Haiku will not boot from drive (make you use usb key instead).

For video, you might have to use VESA mode but then lots of people with newer hardware are doing this. No power management from what I know. WiFi still work in progress and likely not supported or you may be able to build a driver for it but too soon to tell.

Your wired ethernet and sound card may not work either but too soon to say for sure without exact specs for system ( listdev output ).

Very general info because the best way to know for sure is to test the laptop out. Knowing specific hardware in system and looking at drivers gives better idea of what will or won’t work.

Hey Bryan,

Off topic but… Does this mean you are returning as a developer( or was it uber-contributor?), or are you going to keep it low key and just be a user?


Intel graphics should work.
Sound probably works thru HDA,
ACPI should work, but doesn’t have much power management yet (power off works though)
WIFI is in the works, and quite far along (wep and wpa is in focus now I think, thx Colin)
Wired network probably works.

It should be quite well-supported.

Bryan, did you get Haiku to work on this laptop? I have a similar one. I can boot Haiku from the USB, and install onto the harddrive, but when I reboot, there is no drives recognized by the bootloader. The BIOS doesn’t have any legacy SATA controller settings.

My wife has one. Alpha 1 doesn’t get very far – a black screen and that’s it. :frowning: Hopefully more recent revisions will work.

I’m interested in Haiku support for this laptop as well. I was given one to use at my part time job (with WinXP unfortunately) but it doesn’t leave the office. However, it is very lightweight for a 14 inch laptop and has a plethora of ports, including legacy serial. The only bottleneck I’ve found is the Intel GMA 950 video, but as a workstation it’s appropriate. I’m so impressed with it that I’m going to purchase a refurbished one from geeks.com in the near future, and attempt to triple-boot XP, Linux and Haiku. Also, monoprice.com has a mini-pci wireless-N card that is Linux and Mac friendly, so there is hope for a Haiku wireless driver.