Harddriver limits

Just a quick qestion for now :slight_smile:

Does Haiku (right now or in the future) support harddrives above 128GBs?

(do any other versions of beso support higher than 128?)

Thought of this question after reading “What to look for before trying Beos distro” article on Beosmax.org (link: http://www.beosmax.org/wiki/index.php/Talk:What_to_look_for_before_trying_a_BeOS_Distro)

Hi Clay,

R5 and also R5.1 doesnt recognize disks above the 128 GB limit.
Haiku and Zeta R1.2 does this out of the box. I can read/write the 250 GB BFS partition created with ZETA under Haiku, but BeOS R5.1 cant even mount it. :S