HAKILO (ex HUPE) + HakiPKG by s40in


Looking at the code, it seems we don’t ship the required headers to compile them outside of the source tree. We’ll have to add them to /system/develop/headers/private …


OK. I copied the MIT license from the folder/system/data/licenses to github

I store and compile them in the Haiku source code tree. This is good for cross-compiling from other operating systems.


The provided Jamfiles are not meant to be used outside of the source tree anyway. It would be cool to be able to depend on a haiku_source package instead :slight_smile:


You don’t need the complete Haiku sources for such things. We should make sure anything useful is in haiku_devel, and we should also make it easier to cross compile things for Haiku. We are the only platform NetSurf cannot be cross-compiled to, for example, so they currently run an Haiku native builder specifically for this while everything else is on Linux builders.


Thanks @Diver for make receipt in haikuports for HakiDecors . See haiku-misc folder.

All can easy make hpkg and install my decorators