Haiku's Take on Partnership's

I’ve been following Haiku since the collapse (as I like to call it) of BeOS. Knowing now that there is light ahead in the tunnel of hours and hours (and hours and hours) of coding, I wanted to bring up a question to the Haiku community to discuss.

What is Haiku’s take on partnernships to find this OS new ‘homes’ once Haiku is completed (And when I say completed I mean a solid release and not just a RC to test).

Has Mr. Phipps and the team started a task force looking into “getting the system out there when it’s done” or is the community looking to just offer this as a “tell your friends and download it at your own will”?

Has there been an interest from certain vendors to back Haiku with an idea such as this?

Are we looking for global vendors or those close to home?

Is Haiku going to push any PR towards the release of the OS or is there a mindset of hoping someone will “pick us up?”

Just wanted to spark a discussion that I haven’t found on the boards. Note, I do realize that FUNDING is a major role in the future of this OS. So assume money is not a factor, how would you script the release and future of this OS and why.

Thank you for your time,
Matthew Kemph

As far as I know, there hasn’t been much talk about this stuff yet. Most of us are just concentrated on getting the coding done. I forget the exact name for the relationship, but there is a “strategic alliance” (I feel so dirty for saying something so buzzwordish) between Haiku and BeUnited where BeUnited intends to use Haiku as their reference OSBOS implementation.

As I understand it, R1 will not be “sold” to the general public very hard. It will feature many improvements to R5 (better hardware support, better networking, decent media kit, better POSIX suport, etc, etc) but it will probably not have all the features people tend to expect in a modern OS (multiuser, full localisation, etc).

Come R2, I think you’ll see a shift towards actually puching the OS at people, with more promotion and stuff, when we have an OS that we’re all really proud of :smiley:


That’s great to see they plan to push it then, but what is being done in the background now to actually plan and develop a strategy to do just that?

I was criticized last week by a buddy for saying I saw this as an “actual product in the making” when he clarified it was just “a bunch of developers trying to build an OS” and that its future was just that, coders will build it, but not make it live up to its potential and get it to the market.

So again, please, discuss. :slight_smile: