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True, but adding more passwords does not solve that. However my main password store is really just my head. I tend to employ complex (nonsensical, generatd) passwords and remember those.

I have severall computers, and while I do use ssh keys I have a really hard time figuring out on which computer exactly i store any secrets I need. effectively the more of these I need the more likely it is that I will be locked out.

If in theory Haiku implemented by iteself a synched password manager which does webauthn, provides totp, tokens instead of passwords etc that can be revisited.

I don’t accept the counter argument of what boils down to “lol just use this software and this backup technique”. I’m not on the business pf running hacky bash or python scripts on my Haiku installation for anything.

So yes, for me personally this is accelerating the process somewhat

I offered that above, atleast to try and see if this is feasible.

I think there are way more problems with github than just those you listed, the maintenance effort of haikuwebkit beeing one of them. I’m kind of sick of github requiring “state of the art” apis and not having a fallback for somethibg that worked last weeks for complex topics like “rendering a combobox”.

Another is the hard to learn complex UI and the workflow.
As one example for a PR on webkit you commented on it. I could tell because I received an email for it, but finding the comment took about half an hour because it was not in the “PR view” of the commit but the “source repo” commitview, something you baically never need otherwise when dealing with PRs

I agree only slightly. Staying on github is the opposite to this, using Haikus sso and allowing those third party logins with a self hosted instance would accomplish the goal.
(Of those listed I only have github, and basically only because I was forced to get one to contribute to Haiku… but that is now no longer a reason, So I might aswell delete it at some point. The other reason: to be able to work effectively with you on haikuwebkit also seems to be jepordized by this situation, so I wills have to set up a new git regardless. )

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Then this problem applies to every platform that needs an SSH key to push changes. Which is all the ones that you suggested. Then there is no solution.

You don’t need ALL of that. You just need TOTP.

You can upvote the ticket here: #18735 ([keystore_server] Add a way to generate TOTP codes) – Haiku

You can see from the linked example that implementing TOTP is about 100 lines of C sourcecode. And that include an implementation of the SHA1 hashing algoithm. It is a very simple thing.

And, anyway, even if you really don’t want to use that, GitHub still allows you to work entirely without ever touching their website. You can use, for example, the “hub” command line tool to create merge requests, and you can use emails to reply to comments.

Git, and generally working asynchronously with a distributed team, is complicated. There is no way around that. Most of the tools you suggested provide a very similar system, or something different but not significantly simpler.

I am confused. You can host your copy of haikuwebkit anywhere you want. It does not need to be on github at all for me to get changes from there and review them.

While for haikuports there is the problem of accessing the tickets and wiki, for haikuwebkit that is not the case at all. So, host your copy of webkit wherever you want and I will get your commits from there.

Because there wasn’t a PR. You sent be a branch on GitHub to review and I reviewed the changes there directly. But why did you use GitHub if you don’t like it? You could have sent me these changes by mail and then I would reply by mail. Or you could host it on some other forge. So really you made a problem for yourself here?

Also, to find the changes, you just… click the link in the email. Does that really take half an hour?

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I am expected to make releases via github for haikuwebkit, so aslong as that is the canonical source I will atleast try to use it.

If you have an alternative forge we can use for this I would not mind, aslong as I habe access to push the needed tags directly.

I did make a PR. I’m not sure why you got another view of that by email, but that just further illustrates that it is needlesly complicated.

Anyway. I can host my version wherever if you want, but then I am not in a position to make releases anymore for the time beeing.

If you have ideas here feel free to let me know.

In this case it did, I saw the email and opened the site. From previous experiences when I don’t see something uptodate on github I assume it isn’t updated/visible yet. I did open the email on a phone and was on github and was then super confused why I could not reply on the computer.

This is done entirely from the command line: using git tag and git push.

You are the one not wanting to use github. it’s up to you to provide something else?

You can push your tags there and use these from haikuports releases. Then it’s officially moved to that forge, wherever it is. What’s the problem here? I do not claim any exclusvity on hosting haikuwebkit in some specific place. The ideal place for me would be upstream in the webkit project anyway.

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I don’t think we should switch at all.