HaikuPorts best practices?

What is the recommended best practice in case of a failed builder?

I recently submitted an update for wxgtk and wxqt.
wxGTK was built successfully for both x86_64 and x86 secondary arch
wxQT was built successfully for x86_64 but the x86 secondary arch build failed with a source package download issue: see Buildmaster Status error is 503 Egress is over the account limit. which I believe is not related to build architecture as it looks more like a temporary network issue.

Is there an easy way to retrigger the build?

I remember @waddlesplash pushing a minor change (without rev-bump) to the gettext recipe in early December, when the previous commit to that recipe failed to build, also due to a transient download error.

Maybe people with admin access to the buildmaster have a faster way?

Edit: or… I guess a rev-bump, like @augiedoggie just did, also works (even if “needlessly” rebuilding the 64 version on this case).

Still less needless work than Concourse building the beta4 Haiku image/packages once per day, even when no new commits are pushed, I guess :slight_smile: