Haikudepot/ wget lags

Hi, the last version of haiku 64bit hrev54988 has some problems.

When I open haikudepot and want to install something, it doesn’t terminate the process. haikudepot lags. Software also happens with wget / curl and other apps.
A connection to the Internet is then no longer possible. I think I’ve already seen entries in the bugtracker about it.

Could someone say if he also has these problems.

Upgrade to hrev55001 has no Impact.

I have the same problem. Especially with anything to do with https://www.besly.de. Other web sites and repos work as expected, but https://www.besly.de triggers the lock-ups.

I’ve disabled the besly and FatElk repos for a while now. Both are stoppers.

I have test my script under ubuntu and it works without errors. So i think it could be a haiku problem. A few hrev before i had no problems.

My Problem is to get back to the prev state, because i deleted the prev state in the directory to get space on disk.

I think is a problem with the app server and i change nothing on the repo, so it can’t be the problem.

Sometimes if i cancel wget in the terminal and run the script again, it works.

Appserver have not really anything to do with repositorues/packages.

Here the same. Wget stop working and curl do the same, is my feeling.

That may be right, but the problem is wget, curl, and haikudepot also pkgman. They run sometime after canceling serveral times. It may be the Internet driver.

I don’t know, what generate the error. This not only applies to our repo but also to haiku. Our repo has not been changed. If the package management system has changed again, please let me know. As described at the beginning, everything went well a few Hrevs ago.


dauert keine Minute.
Wenn das Repo danach aktiviert ist, kommt auch nach 15 Minuten (abgebrochen) keine Verbindung zustande.


Please report issues to https://dev.haiku-os.org

(and in this case booting an older state to check against would certainly make sense to figure out roughly when this occured)

It runs again with Hrev55016. So i hope it will be fixed for the next hrev.