HaikuDepot trouble to add a comment about an app


I try to put a comment on a software that I use in HaikuDepot but HaikuDepot return me everytime this error message:

A requested object or an object involved in the request was not found on the server.

How can I relsove it?

Are you sure the package you try to rate was downloaded from a repo that’s currently activated, not some HPKG from somewhere else or built yourself?
Can you rate other packages?



Here tutorials to rate on haikudepot and haikudepot web. There are in german, so you need to use translate service.

Thanks for reply!

No, i’m not sure about the source of this HPKG it’s RetroArch…Seem availible from this server here

I have directly downloaded it from HaikuDepot app.
Also I have add others depots in my HaikuDepot app Besly depot.

The 2nd solution of Leeldorin work. I have do it now.


Well, if you can rate other packages from within the HaikuDepot app, the origin or version of the RetroArch package might be the issue.

Same trouble with an other package…

The Retroarch screenshoot from the website seem more recent than my RetroArch app.

Rating and commenting works fine here. Make sure you’re using a recent nightly, not the beta1 release.

You may want to file a ticket at the bugtracker, describing exactly what you do. Start HaikuDepot from Terminal with HaikuDepot -v trace and paste the output as it appears when you click stuff, additionally to the complete output as attachment.

I will retry with your command…I just make an update before. But yes I had used Nightly image when I installed Haiku.

I will try with that command now.

Ok that seem to work after updated the system.