HaikuDepot - Link to the latest version of a package

Hello. I would like to send a mail to the NetSurf website, suggesting to link to the most recent version of the NetSurf package from HaikuDepot (actually, they are hosting an older version: http://www.netsurf-browser.org/downloads/beos/)

However, I found that the url to the NetSurf package have the package version in the url. There are some url that always point to the “latest” versión of a package?

I’m not sure if I’m explaining me well. I’m not very good at english :smiley:

You have two options, I’d say:

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Thank you for the help!

They are aware of it. They made their own official build (non-packaged, just the executable) but then forgot to update the page. As the devs are visiting family and doing other stuff for Christmas, it may take some time for them to update it (but I’ll nudge them about it again next week).

Once this is done and the Haiku version of NetSurf is part of the officially supported platforms again, updates for the next versions will be automatic. It would be awesome if someone could spend time to add the missing UI parts (history, “hotlist” (bookmarks), SSL certificate error window, etc). The NetSurf team made some APIs to provide all the required data, and the needed work is just plugging that to native windows. Adding the “enable experimental javascript support” checkbox in the settings would be great, too.

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Thanks for the information, PulkoMandy. Then, I guess is no need to send the mail :slight_smile: