Are there any plans to start selling Haiku preinstalled on dedicated hardware? I think that when the arm port is finished a"Haikube" based on the Beagleboard in a small bamboo case would be really nice and very green too.


I would love to see this. You could bet that I would buy one… Was planning to do it anyway!

I thought of that, too. Since there are quite some free pins we could also include a modern version of the “geekport” found on the bebox :wink:
I just moved and so I will only be able to work on the arm port again in a week or two… :frowning:

I found this interesting project of a beagle board running on solar power:


Haiku, ARM chipset (with multiple processors), slate format computer, lots of connectivity, good hi-rez screen (at least 1080p). I’d buy it.

A 1080 internal screen is a bit too unrealistic for a portable slate. I think a 10" 1280X848 (3:2 ratio), firewire, usb and multi-core arm with capacity to decode a 1080p movie on a external screen would be sufficient for me. It would be almost the same as the one I’m using now (a Modbook), expect 3,3" smaller.