Heavenly meadow
Resonates with wind and light
Leaves flickering shine

Simple… but yet past
Oh, do ask software today
Let this system Be!

Such simplicity
Leaf upon the menu bar
This is my OS

Just Googled "Haiku"
This calls for a rethink, no?
Nothing but poetry.

maybe our errors
should be written as haiku
who wants to do it?

Disk driver not found!
Please restart your computer,
All your stuff is gone.

A sight to behold!
The Haiku elite count words
using their fingers.

Broken connection,
Administrator angry,
Hopeless users.

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If anyone wants to automate this thread, there’s an app for that: https://depot.haiku-os.org/#/pkg/makehaiku/clasqm/0/1/-/-/1/x86_gcc2?bcguid=bc542-CAWS

Have you tried switching
the thing off and on again?
It’s an easy fix.