Haiku x86-64

Hey, when EXACTLY will the 64 bit be fully supported, as well as modern hardware?

The 64 bit builds run as well as the other ones. The only problem currently is that the software repository is much less populated than the ones for x86_gcc2.

We are considering releasing beta1 with official x86_64 support. The current target for it is early 2017, but that could change again.

As for “modern hardware”, it depends how modern and which hardware exactly. We have some USB3 support now, and modern Radeon video cards should work without any problems. You will have to be more specific in what you need here.

I have started a x86_64 repository. I noticed in the mailing list the other day that this was the second most downloaded format after x86_gcc2h, so I just had to see what it would take. All apps are recompiled on a dedicated x86_64 partition, not cross-compiled. Except scripts and stuff that don’t require recompiling.

Don’t get your hopes up. Most of it is fonts and icons, and lots of little CLI utilities written in C, which recompile easily. Recompiling 20-year old BeOS apps will take someone with actual C++ chops. I’ve had some success in porting QT apps, though. This is a side-project to my main repo, and will be that for a long time. Expect glitches. Report glitches!

If you have an x86_64 partition up and running and you want to have a look:
pkgman add-repo http://clasquin-johnson.co.za/michel/repo_64

Contributions always welcomed: http://clasquin-johnson.co.za/michel/haiku/repo/contribute.html