Haiku won't boot

So after the last crash (which was caused by Web Positive browser/Youtube ), Haiku is not booting normally anymore.

After the loading screen, I am welcomed with KDL and there is no way to interact with it.

As much as I was excited that I finally got it installed on my PC and it was working smoothly at first, the last few days I am gradually losing motivation and hope … it hasn’t been nice to me so far lol

I am just kidding … I will never give up on Haiku, but it’s just discouraging at the moment, with this level of instability. :slight_smile:

If you have a screen photo or exported bug information, do a bugcteport to the haiku bug tracker.

The forum is not the right place for support

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Please report KDL’s at https://dev.haiku-os.org
with the revision it occurs on and any reproduction steps.

If this only started recently it may have been introduced in an update, in that case try to find the latest working revision and include it in the ticket (by booting an older revision)

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Sorry to hear this. But generally speaking, Haiku is pretty stable for what is, after all, a Beta release.
Rather than get depressed, just download the latest nightly and you should be fine.

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I would like to see that recomendation less to be honest, if anything doesnt work in the beta there are recomendations to use the nightlies every time, and as a result every time the nightlies actually do break there is a wave of users complaining on the forum. The betas are designed to be more stable, and bugfixes /can/ be pushed to them if they are deemed important enough and this is done aswell.


Thanks guys … I aprreciate quick responses :slight_smile:
I guess I will just install latest nightly instead of beta and see how it goes.

Hoping it’ll be possible to update to beta 3 from there as well :smiley:

For YouTube you should use Qmplay2 for the moment.

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Yes, unfortunately.
The Beta 3 is badly needed.
Only a few bugs left…

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@brunobastardi, thanks I will give it a try :slight_smile:
I hope those bugs are fixed in Beta3.