Haiku with Qt?

Will Haiku-gcc4 be install with Qt for Haiku (http://qt-haiku.ru)? I think Haiku will get better support from Qt developer, with many good applications, like Arora Web Browser. I’m using Haiku r35402 (gcc4 version) with no web browser, so I use Arora and it’s a good application. I think Haiku (gcc4 version) can include Qt as Optional Package in CD installer, or a folder in desktop of virtual image version that allow user install it.

You can install “Firefox” as optional package from Terminal with “installoptionalpackage”.


What I mean is Haiku is operating system for end-user, it should has many application that user feels convenience, helpful and powerful. Now there is a little of applications for Haiku. I thinks it will better if Haiku has framework or virtual machine like Qt, Java, dotNet, … Now, we have Qt available for Haiku. Why don’t we use it???

Other technologies are only as useful as what they provide. Qt4 is a great cross-platform toolkit, and it has brought to Haiku a wealth of useful programs. There is a catch, though. Pure Qt4 applications can’t take advantage of Haiku’s strengths, such as queries and filesystem attributes. Multithreading is more costly on other platforms, so the responsiveness isn’t nearly as good, and GPL/LGPL licensing isn’t particularly appealing to some developers, such as myself.


There are thousands of BeOS applications that run on Haiku. The Haiku Alpha CD comes with only a few applications now. You can easily download MANY fun applications. Look here: www.haikuware.com . Have fun!

I think the install-cd should have the possibility to install qt to, when installing haiku. So Qt should be at least, listed in the list of optional packages. And also some important and useful qt-applications.
Otherwise people will install it manually, and why to make the live of the users/developers harder then it should be?

For example I discorverd the qt-application S.T.E , has some capabilities that I like compared to PE, so I use it. And Arora should also be included as an optional package I think.

Wow That website looks really nice! QT with Haiku opens so many possibility’s! IMO it should be promoted a little bit more on the main site.

@ darkwyrm: So, your think is a developer’s think. Try to think as an end-user, for example, which will a user choose: an new OS with queries and file system attributes and other stuff things, or an OS with many useful applications for his work and entertainment? I think you have the answer like me :slight_smile: That is also the goal of Haiku.

@ AndrewZ: Thanks for your advice. I usually access Haikuware, BeBits, … for news and applications. But if you can have many more useful applications and get more support from Qt developers, will you try? I tried and love Haiku more with Qt :slight_smile:

If you want to install Qt, and Qt applications, nothing is stopping you.

As for it being a standard toolkit, I don’t think that will happen. IMHO thats one of the worst things you could do. If Haiku were to run Qt apps, just like every UNIX system out there, what would set Haiku apart? Not to mention using Qt would destroy most of what make Haiku, Haiku. Qt is huge and clunky. It’s ugly, it’s overused, and too many people push, pull, bend, and warp Qt to their own needs. Haiku has a mighty fine tookit as it stands.

  1. Qt is really not a Haiku way. Installing it by default will stop many users to use Haiku.
  2. Haiku support for Qt needs much effort from Haiku team. It is not a priority for them.
  3. Qt on Haiku isn’t stable yet (at least isn’t stable for EACH night build). I tried it. Aurora mostly works, KOffice fails.

However, nobody stops you to make Qt on Haiku more useful.

Bundling software with Haiku is a bad idea. Many users feel compelled to install everything on the CD just because it is there. That too often leads to bloat.