Haiku with qemu-kvm on Chrome OS

I use two Chromebooks and my “normal” laptop. On the ladder one I installed Chrome OS as well (brunch version) and there I installed the Linux subsystem. This is Debian bullseye. I installed qemu-kvm (including all dependencies) and virt-manager.

I started the virt-manager and installed Haiku beta 3 with the default settings. I only raised the RAM to 14 GB and use 4 CPU. Haiku works fine.

One (not so) funny thing is the cursor. I see the Haiku cursor, which is under a very little black window. I have no explanation for it. This only happens in Haiku.
I have some other VM’s with the same settings and there is no black window over the cursor.

If sombody likes to use Haiku in Qemu I suggest to try virt-manager. It works fast and stable.


You can try either to add or to remove the tablet.


For me is, when I add the tablet, I can use the mouse on host and guest at the same time, if I remove them, the mouse is caught in the VM.

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I tried it and Haiku works better with enabled USB-Tablet. But in both cases the black windows stays on the screen. When I delete the tablet I have two cursors on the screen. The mouse cursor and in a distance of around 5 cm the black window.
It is better to have a “double” mouse cursor than two of them.