Haiku will play audio from CDs, but not from audio files on the system itself

Haiku will play CDs through CDPlayer perfectly fine, and I have my sound card working via the OSS Drivers as with hda the card wasn’t even recognized. It is a Creative AudioPCI97 (ES1371). I have tried several different file types, .wav, .mp3, .m4a, and .aac. MediaPlayer and even VLC do not provide sound with any of these, just the time bar moving along as if it were playing normally.
I went VLC’s Messages and found this error after an attempt at playing a .m4a:

mpeg_audio decoder : emulated startcode (no startcode
on following frame)
main audio output : computed PTS is out of range
(3715189), clearing out
main audio output : PTS is out of range (3715279),
dropping buffer
main audio output : output PTS is out of range (3715437),
clearing out
mpgatofixed32 audio output : libmad error: bad
main_data_begin pointer
main audio output : audio output is starving (103177),
playing silence

Can anyone provide a fix/tell me what is going on here? Help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Can you file a ticket for this? http://dev.haiku-os.org/wiki/ReportingBugs