Haiku vs Ubuntu 21.10

But if you do check Lubuntu - Wikipedia it might feel better.

It has been almost a year since I did these tests and in that time Haiku has gained USB tethering support which is a huge win and I see it now has some support for HiDPI but I’ve not been able to test this as I have to use the failsafe video mode which doesn’t cover UHD and 4K resolutions.

What is the cheapest video card that enables a 4K desktop resolution under Haiku? I presume this is an option?

I’ve not re-run these benchmarks but has any profiling been done on the kernel to try to make it better compete with Linux?

Has any work been done on the other issues I highlighted like no printing under Qt apps?

I like such tests and also in a way a comparison to other systems.

But I find a comparison with the xz compressor inappropriate because the haiku expander does not use it as a standard (mentioned as an example).

It would also be great if the hardware and the haiku version were also named for the test. This data can then flow into our hardware database.

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I will include more details if I do another round of tests.

What command / compression does haiku expander use? I presume I can build and run it on Linux too so that I can do such a comparison.

conventional Zip - it has the capability to preserve BFS attributes.

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I use 4K resolution on my desktop with the failsafe framebuffer driver and it works just fine?

@waddlesplash, is your grafic card in our database?

Sounds like I might have a new bug to report then?

This desktop is using Sandy Bridge / HD2000 iGPU and I’m using the digital DVI output. I’ll have to try using the Displayport, see if that works. It doesn’t have VGA.

It may work but it depends what the firmware allows. In VESA you’re unlikely to see High DPI modes. In UEFI, maybe, it depends on the decisions of the firmware developers.

You may try to enable VESA BIOS patching in the VESA settings file to enable additional video modes, but this is not compatible with all devices (that’s why it’s disabled by default currently)

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Why not compare against Lubuntu?

I can confirm that HiDPI is working well in the latest builds - I’ve run it on my 13" 4k laptop and it looks great.