Haiku-Verified Software Database Needed!

I have noticed that virtually NOTHING fom BeOS R5 seems to run in Haiku presently.

Because, whatever I try to install, seems to want something that isn’t already in Haiku. I can’t run SDL-based apps, because Haiku doesn’t have SDL. I try installing the full package of SDL and I can’t do that because something else is missing that IT needs! ARRRGH! Usually it’s some series of .so files or somesuch, but still!

Seems the ONLY thing I’ve gotten to work in Haiku, so far is… get this…


Yes, that blatently worthless Terminal run “Phychiatrist” app. Wow! I’m a power-user now! :slight_smile:

So, we definately NEED a specific database of programs that have been tested to work (or install AND work) in, Haiku.

I’d appreciate any input or comments concerning this and maybe we can get something put together in the next few weeks or so.

Haiku isn’t in a state where we should be maintaining a list of compat. r5 programs; After each commit we’d have to reexamine the list.

I have had an r5 SDL binary running on Haiku, though that was a few months back, I might try again to see if anything’s broken…

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you starting your own compat. list, collecting bug reports about why they can’t work, submitting patches etc.

@Luposian … I understand what you’re saying but [Beta] is correct. It’s not really at a state, where we would start this list. There currently is no netstack, the app_server still needs a bit of work and there’s other stuff as well.

We appreciate you taking the time to suggest this and it will probably be something we would start when we’re at an R1 stage.