Haiku unable to see my NIC


i just installed haiku on a HP Omnibook XE3. I am now stuck with 2 issues.

  1. I checked the drivers section & it would appear that i have every common NIC driver under the Sun. Yet, the network Adapter prefs do not show anything under “Adapter”. i can’t imagine HP using a crazy odd-ball NIC.

  2. How, within Haiku, can I confirm what NIC is physically on the mobo? Is there a shell command that would do this (please keep in mind that I am a noob when it comes to shell/Terminal commands)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi rbar!

I have almost no clue when it comes to hardware questions, but a “listdev” in the Terminal should show what’s inside the box.


I did quick Google search & believe you’re computer uses:
Intel Pro/100 VE

You can confirm with “listdev”

It appears to be listed in one of the network drivers, line 182:

You should file a bug report.