Haiku-Touch OS on Tablets

I am interested in developing Haioku OS, however I am having hard time to understand some stuff.

I’d like contribute to the project by implementing a touch user interface (regardless if this is going to be merged into master branch)

May I count on your support?

All patches and code are welcome, and code for touch on a tablet would, I supppose, also make it possible to use laptop touch screens. However, this sounds to me like you’d have to dive down pretty low-level, writing device drivers and such.

The people you’d want to talk to about that don’t hang out here so much (with a few honourable exceptions). The Haiku channel on IRC and the Main Development mailing list (https://www.haiku-os.org/community/ml) is where the Haiku devs are.

Actually, I think most touchscreen these days use USB HID (well, on laptops at least), and we have support for that with our generic HID driver.

As for it getting merged, I don’t know, it depends how invasive the changes are and wether they interfere with the normal mouse-driven UI. And also on wether you are ready to follow the coding guidelines and accept comments and review from Haiku devs until your patches are merged.


Thank you for your answers. I am studying Haiku for long time, but still my knowledge is not sufficient to make any contribution. It should be grate to have the conference in the Europe to exchange the learning I am highly interested in that.