Haiku Tips is now live!

Alex (kallisti5) and myself have a new site for posting various tips about not-so-well-known features of Haiku. If any of you are newcomers (or need to brush up on your Haiku-fu) you might want to have a look: http://haiku.tips/

I was a little disappointed to find a Wordpress site over a site that blended in with the fabric of the official website. To make new users feel welcome I think it would be an idea to develop the site in-house where there is much more control over the look and feel.

Since both(?) kallisti5 and waddlesplash are busy with Haiku development it’s better for them to spend their time on the OS itself. The UI of the site might wait till Beta or Release of Haiku is available.

I was thinking of getting an official question and answers website set up (ask.haiku-os.org) which would be something like askubuntu.com only not on StackExchange. We tried StackExchange but it didn’t work for us, mainly as we didn’t have enough control over it.

One of the systems I was looking at using had a feature where past questions and community submitted tips were shown when someone was writing a question. The displayed questions and tips were dynamically generated based on what what the person was asking. It also had a cool feature that allowed moderators to call in developers to answer more technical questions on subjects that they have an expertise in.

I wrote up my idea, but others were rather pessimistic. Mostly, I believe, as it is something else to maintain and worry about.

But this is understandable as the developers are busy on working Haiku beta1 and the web team are busy updating the web infrastructure to fully support package management.

Nice :slight_smile:

Wow a new site, why you does not spend your knowledge not available sites? Sites like BeTips Server or BeSly?

Sorry to sound snarky, but it seems that Haiku Tips is now asleep and slipping into a coma. No tips for a month …

Hey, I maintain 4 Flipboard magazines. I know how difficult it is to make that daily effort. But if you don’t do that scheduling, then the thing just slips away and dies. Maybe it is time to think how the community might contribute tips? Appoint a few more people as site editors? Hacker’s old betips.net site did just that - accept tips from its readers.

Yes, it’s a bit quiet the past month, mostly due to me being busy with Google Code-In. Now that’s over so I should be getting back into my other Haiku stuff.

A “submit tip” feature sounds good, I agree! I’ll work on adding that.