Haiku-test on laptop

Maybe the following is helpful or of interest for haiku-developers:

I installed Haiku-r23625 on a HDD-partition of my Thinkpad (1536 MB RAM, Pentium M, 1,7 GHz, 120 GB HDD, ATI Radeon 7500, AC97-sound).
Booting is OK. Graphics is well, but no sound. After some minutes of usage comes KDL with message “USB ControllPipe: timeout waiting for queued request to complete” and “PANIC:free(): address 0x90b53c50 already exists in bin free list”. It seems to depend on anyone USB-device (mouse).

I am sorry to say, that seamonkey-haiku (fresh download from bebits) is not working proper. Mouse-clicks are without effect. E.g. to disable the PersonalToolbar in the View-menu is not possible, also not possible to stop the default-homepage search at seamonkey-startup or to change settings in the preferences-menu.

Thanks for interest. Bye for now.

Thanks, you’d be even more helpful when you post info like this as a bug overhere: http://dev.haiku-os.org/timeline
There you can also see that the Seamonkey bugs are being worked on.
You may also have a look at http://community.livejournal.com/bezilla
and post your findings there.
It’ll be appreciated in both cases/places.


Mouse problems in Mozilla apps are still being investigated - but the issues at least for clicks in the main window were fixed in r23663, so if you update your haiku revision it should work better.