Haiku technical advantages

For years I’ve bestowed the graces of Haiku to friends and family but was never really sure what it was at the low end that made Haiku so great.

I know of a few features that makes Haiku stand out but id be interested what the community think are the technical aspects of BeOS and subsequently Haiku that are implemented better than the platforms that exist today.

Thanks for your time, looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say :slight_smile:

I gave up trying to think of fancy shmancy technical reasons. Now I just tell people I love Haiku because it’s yellow. I’m so tired of blue / gray operating systems.

The benefit I see over Linux (which is my most-used OS, by the way) is the integration of the Graphical User interface on a much lower-level without requiring a network-transparent server (like X).

Another great benefit is the underlying, centralized API.

And another benefit (but equally a potential problem) is that the Kernel is developed in C++ which makes it a whole lot easier to develop in an object-oriented manner. Look up advantages to object-oriented programming for more details there. The reason I say there is a potential problem here is because C++ adds a lot of complexity at the very low-level which can cause more headaches when trying to modify and/or debug a large code-base.

Yet another benefit is that the various services (Input, Multimedia, Video, etc…) are all very modular and (from what I’ve seen so far) can easily be replaced as needed.

However, I’m not a Haiku developer so I’m sure others may have a better answer. If I’m wrong on any of those points, feel free to let me know!