Haiku synergy client

Well it’s probably just because of gcc which is newer and more strict on the syntax, shouldn’t be that hard to fix.

But yeah, closing the thing because it’s stale, just because they never bothered answering questions, heck.

Yeah it always makes me grumpy when people do that… a course I get grumpy when @waddlesplash brings the hammer down on my tickets but he usually has good reason :slight_smile: and is to be commended for his ticket tracker cleanliness…

Hello all; i can do it compile, but now tells that its not an a excecutable:

~/config/non-packaged/add-ons/input_server/devices> synergy_client
bash: ./synergy_client: cannot execute binary file: Not an executable

Any help? Thanks

Edit: Add a screenshot

Thats probably just the input_server addon, and they shouldnt be used directly, they are not executable.

Put it in config/non_packaged/add-ons/input-server and reboot (or restart just the input_server). But it probably needs a configuration file as well?

Yes, see the readme:

Create a configuration file at ~/config/settings/synergy

enable = true
server =
server_keymap = “X11”

I intended to make some way to configure it from the GUI but then my first child was born and I moved somewhere where I didn’t have a haiku machine next to another machine on a desk any more! A network preflet services plugin is the way to go I think…

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Thanks to all; i just restart the input server and its working! I fill more confortable now :sunglasses:


For any other, the source is here: https://github.com/unarix/synergy-haiku


Please do not post or link binaries here.

Rather than posting a compiled binary (we do not trust running closed-source binaries from untrusted users), It would be better to create a recipe for this at HaikuPorts so that all users can safely use this software.

ok @extrowerk; edited. Thanks.

Just for update: i modified the keymap of synergy, now the arrow keys work perfect.

I was thinking of create a recipe in haikuports but i need the permission of @kallisti5 since it is a fork of his work.

You do not need any permissions to create HaikuPorts recipe poll request. Synergy fork is under GPL 2 license, see LICENSE file.

Is it possible to use Haiku version of Synergy with Barrier? Free version of Synergy is not available for Windows so Barrier should be used. I tried to adjust protocol signature to Barrier some time ago, but it doesn’t help.

You could use an old version of synergy from before it went closed source. Haiku synergy is based on my original port of usynergy to the haiku input device API. usynergy was chosen because it was an independent client implementation of the protocol with cleaner source than the original. I don’t know how clean the barrier source code is, but it might be easier to port barrier than to update the haiku usynergy port. There are no licensing problems, it only works now as it does because different people decided to help out, so please do whatever you want!

@kallisti5 seems to worked on that recently https://gitlab.com/kallisti5/barrier-haiku

I managed to run Haiku synergy (https://github.com/kallisti5/synergy-haiku, B_OK check in clipboard handling was changed to != NULL to fix build) with https://github.com/brahma-dev/synergy-stable-builds/releases (v1.8.8-stable). server_keymap need to changed to "AT". When attempting to copy text on Haiku, server reports error: ERROR: invalid message from client "haiku": DCLP. Copying text from windows is not working.

@kallisti5 did you manage to run it?

Synergy seems pretty dead. It hasn’t been updated forever, so that proves the “paid” open source model sucks :slight_smile:

I recently took ~my~ the synergy-haiku codebase i’ve been managing, and refactored it for Barrier under a new name (Barrier is new, again open-source version with some protocol changes). barrier-haiku is working ~80% for me. Just disable tls.

Barrier (and Synergy) has some issues with wayland desktops on Linux though… ymmv

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Aaahhh. Synergy blocked me from their github project after I mentioned that it looked pretty dead. (and deleted my github comment mentioning as much).

I’m going to delete my synergy haiku repo in favor of the Barrier one. Go ahead and fork my Synergy repo if desired.