Haiku stalls and quits during file copying

I try to install, and I create my partition and everything goers fine and starts copying files, then it gets to a file with first two letters “ar” and another “as” Those two letter are all that show up, and shortly after it quits with a message no such directory, or some other message which I forget now, but anyway I am running a HP pavilion slim line with an amd semperon processor.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated. If I can get it running, it will be the os I use most.


Hi Larry,

the only thing I can think of is a buggered install medium. Maybe some error when burning the CD (try reducing the speed or another brand) or something went wrong when writing to USB, if you use that to install from. Maybe also try another USB stick here. If you’re using a nightly image instead of an official alpha3, try a newer revision. Maybe there was some regression that has been fixed since.

Good luck!

There actually are binaries named ‘ar’ and ‘as’ that are commonly installed as part of the C development environment. They are the library archiver (builds .a static libraries) and the assembler (turns human readable text into binary executable data). So it’s perfectly possible the names shown are the full names.